As the Campus Ministry Coordinator at Arise, I invest daily in the lives of GMU and NOVA students and provide a consistent campus presence to see Arise grow and flourish. My hope is that students experience sincere community, find true joy, and connect with a loving God who walks with them not just in mountain-top moments, but everyday moments in between. In order to nurture discipleship and a transformative collegiate experience, it is my responsibility to raise $425.00 per month from generous supporters and donors like you. Your gracious support will enable more students to be impacted by Arise’s ministry and more opportunities to abound as resources are further distributed for students. 

These financial gifts enable a variety of opportunities for students on campus. George Mason University has long been known as a commuter campus where community and Christian discipleship is not yet sown into the fabric of the university. Through intentional programming, leadership development, and innovative community building, I am actively working with Arise to create a culture that builds creative and resilient disciples who can then create similar change wherever their journey leads them following college. This, after all, is how change in our world starts – with just one of us, contagiously calling others to follow suit. 

Friends, this transformative work requires funding and financial resources; I am committed to ensuring that GMU and NOVA students have opportunities to grow their faith and ultimately grow their communities – our communities – in joy, grace, and attentiveness to Christ at work in all of us. 

Your financial gifts make this possible. 

Please consider a monthly donation, or one-time gift, to make a difference in a student’s life, our campuses, and ultimately our world – these are our future leaders. It is so important we empower them to create the world we want to see.

Thank you for investing in the future!

- Emilee