Why Donate?

We are in an exciting time at Arise Campus Ministries.  We have been blessed by our past ministry directors, alumni, board members and donors to have been able to re-launch our ministry in 2017 to reach new students.  With this relaunch we are seeing more students come, the opportunity to hire an additional staff person to meet with more students, and able to be more involved in campus life. 

We currently need to raise approximately $ 90,000 in donations annually (in addition to grants from our five partner denominations).  We hope we can raise this money in order to reach more students, and share God's love with the campus.  Currently we have several different ways you can donate.

To see all of our individual donors, please visit this site:  


Arise 20.17 Club

As we continue to grow as a ministry, it is important for us to create a base of support.  We are hoping to have 150 people join our Arise 20.17 club.  Why $ 20.17.  We relaunched the ministry in 2017 and know that there were so many people who made this happen, and will continue to join alongside of us as we welcome students, share God's universal love with them and live out our faith.  We need people to come along side us as well because there are a lot of people who believe that the future of the church depends on young adults finding God's love. 

Money from each donation will go to missions, student programing, staff/development and reserves.  While many campus ministries have buildings, we do not which allows us to invest more in staff and human resources to reach more students.  As a thank you, we would like to do a couple of things based on your donation:  We would like to place your name  on our website as a supporter an Arise 20.17 member (You may also choose to be listed anonymously).  We also would like to send you a quarterly electronic newsletter detailing what is going on at Arise.  (We will also mail you one, just email Michelle at admin@arisegmu.org).  Once we have 100 donors in the Arise 20.17 club we will also be resurrecting the annual brunch so you can hear from staff and students how you are making a difference in the lives of students at GMU. 

If you would like to give more monthly, please check out our minister director or campus coordinator's support drive.  We are planning to offer some more rewards for donors who would like to give more each month.  Thank you for your generous support of Arise.  


Minister Director Support

Many campus ministers have to raise support to be on campus.  We have five generous denominations which support our staff in amazing ways.  Our staff also believes in helping support the students through fundraising a portion of their salary.  These funds help free up other ministry resources to go directly to students.  This particular fund is to support our Ministry Director, Drew Ensz.  His goal is to raise $500.00 monthly support from friends and family.  Thank you in advance for your support of Drew's ministry, so more resources can go to the students..

Various levels:

$25.00 monthly pledge and your name will go on the Arise Website as a Director's Donor, and you will receive the newsletter.  You also will receive a handwritten note from Drew annually.

Thank you for going above and beyond.  You are now a Director Supporter.  For your $ 50.00 monthly pledge and you will receive a monthly email from Drew updating you on what is happening at Arise and all the other rewards listed above.

Wow.  You are amazing.  For $75.00 a month, you are now a Director Sponsor.  Your monthly pledge will really impact our campus ministry.  To say thank you you will receive  a special audio podcast from a student in the ministry quarterly and all the other rewards listed above.  

For those who really want to support Arise, we want to recognize our Director Partners.  You are making a real difference in our ministry and help offsetting the money that goes to the campus ministry.  You will receive all the above rewards and also be Drew's guest to a GMU basketball game of your choice.  Thank you so much for your support of campus ministry at GMU!


Campus Coordinator Fundraising

As Arise’s Campus Ministry Coordinator, Emilee invests in the lives of students, provides a consistent campus presence, and works alongside Drew and student leaders to see Arise grow and flourish. In order to sustain the position, it is her goal to raise $425.00 per month from generous supporters and donors like you. Your gracious support will enable more students to be impacted by Arise’s ministry and more opportunities to abound as resources are further distributed for students. 

There are various giving opportunities, each with rewards, though any gift is appreciated and all donors receive a handwritten note of the impacts of Emilee’s ministry through your support. 

With a $25/month pledge, your name will go on the Arise Website as a Ministry Donor.

Thank you for your giving! At $50/month, you are a Ministry Supporter, and will receive a monthly email from Emilee of updates of Arise’s ministry possible through your support.

With a gracious pledge of $75/month, you are a Ministry Sponsor and we want to show our thanks through offering access to a quarterly podcast from a student impacted by Arise. It is through your giving that such impacts are possible!

At $100/month and above, we want to express our sincere gratitude by making you a Ministry Partner and inviting you to a George Mason basketball game (of your choice!) as Emilee’s guest. In addition, you’ll receive a care package of various GMU gear and goodies curated and accumulated by Emilee herself - it won’t disappoint!

Thank you for considering giving to Arise and for your willingness to partner in impacting lives to know and love Jesus Christ. We could not make this journey without you!



One Time Donation

You may be saying to yourself...guys I can't commit to $20.17 each month, but I would like to give something.  You also may have some extra money this month and want to give a one-time special gift in addition to your monthly donation.  Well, this is the place to do this.  After giving your tax-deductible gift, your name will appear on the website as a donor to Arise for this year.  You also will be placed on our electronic email list for newsletters.  If you would like a print version, just email Michelle at admin@arisegmu.org.  Thank you again for your support!