We have arrived

This is Drew and I am writing to you after an amazingly uneventful travel day, which for all of you who travelled internationally you know that is amazing. Each day you will hear from one of our students (and Emilee and I) about our day at the Leadership Center and meeting the 30+ young women who are being impacted by the work of Jospeh Rahm, his family, the staff and other volunteers.

Yesterday, we left Dulles at 6:00 AM and flew to Tegucigalpa and were promptly picked up by the staff at the Leadership Center. The Leadership Center is a learning center for young women (most 18 - 25) who want to learn English and leadership/business skills to better their lives. After a 2 hour van ride which included crossing small bodies of water we arrived and were greeted by the entire campus. It was awesome. Then we took a campus tour and saw where they grow their own coffee, food, saw the animals (pigs, cows, chickens) and where the young women learn during class time. We settled in and then had dinner with the students and staff which included fresh beans, eggs . and tortillas. It was so amazing to hear about these women who had left home to come here to learn to better themselves. Later that night we learned about some of the opportunities we would be helping with this week including harvesting coffee, completing projects, attending classes and helping with English instruction.

Some of our students then went to attend a Bible Study and then we turned in for the night. While it was only a short time in country, we are so excited to bring our team of Arise students and staff to help as best as we can for the next week. Thank you for your support and prayers which is the only way we were able to make this happen. God bless and check back daily.