Coffee Bean Mornings...Day 2

Today was my (Alison’s) second day in Honduras. In the early morning i went coffee bean picking with some of the young women who are students at The Leadership Center (TLC). Despite the fact I had no clue what I was doing the students were patient with me and taught me the trick to picking just the right bean. As an avid coffee drinker it was really cool to be able to see what coffee looks like before it is roasted and brewed. However, the best part by far was being able to talk with the students and build friendships. Conversation ranged from our favorite colors to what we hope to do in the future.

Around 10 in the morning I had the pleasure of attending a leadership class for the second year students. The topic covered guidelines for good leadership and verbal versus non-verbal communication. It was inspiring to see the girls work so hard in class and to hear all of the ideas they had. Additionally, I read with a student in the afternoon and help them with vocabulary. It was a great moment of bonding that hopefully i get to experience again.

After dinner and many delicious cups of coffee; the Arise team lead a Bible study. The passage we focused on was Hebrews 10: 35-39. We discussed people who inspired our faith in both the Bible and in our daily lives. Additionally, we spoke about our gifts that God has blessed us with and how we use our gifts for our calling. Overall despite it not being far into the trip I am having such a special experience that will stay in my heart and mind for a very long time. Thank you so much for your support of Arise and for helping me attend this amazing trip.