Our Final Day at TLC

The final day of the trip was a special one for me. It has been six days of building relationships with students, getting acclimated to the daily routine and learning more about the mission and culture of TLC — today, we relished in the relationships that have been established, continued to learn more about the dreams and goals of the students, and enjoyed the last day. For me (Emilee), today was packed with classes along with the daily routine of work. I joined the girls on the coffee farm, which included a long hike up to the trees that held the coffee beans. I was amazed, as I have been during much of this trip, the positive attitude that the girls maintained as they completed this quite exhausting task before a long day of studies.

The classes I attended were equally inspiring. The first was called Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship. Given that today was the first class of the quarter, it was introductory and the instructor asked the students the following question: what is the one issue you would solve in your community if you knew you could not fail? The responses struck me: bettering the hospital, starting businesses, starting schools, removing corruption, becoming president, and so on. These girls are driven and determined to bring change in their societies. It is an incredible thing to watch, support, and help be an agent in through working with TLC this week.

The rest of the day was filled with more class — ESL, Business, and more ESL, followed by a seminar. I am leaving this trip so inspired by these young women and the cause of TLC. Change is happening in the country of Honduras and it is largely by way of the bravery of these young women. I ended by day talking with a second year student and hearing about her anxiety about the next steps, but the courage she is finding in herself to move forward in her dreams and desire to bring change. That is the case with so many of these girls and it is spilling into myself, and our team, as well: bravery, courage, ambition, and integrity to bring change in places that desperately need it. This trip and experience would not be possible without our generous donors and sponsors. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping make this possible. You are part of this opportunity for us to share in this mission.  Thank you.