Many campus ministers have to raise support to be on campus.  We have five generous denominations which support our staff in amazing ways.  Our staff also believes in helping support the students through fundraising a portion of their salary.  These funds help free up other ministry resources to go directly to students.  This particular fund is to support our Ministry Director, Drew Ensz.  His goal is to raise $500.00 monthly support from friends and family.  Thank you in advance for your support of Drew's ministry, so more resources can go to the students..

Various levels:

Make $25.00 monthly pledge (or equivalent donation) and your name will go on the Arise Website as a Director's Donor, and you will receive the newsletter.  You also will receive a handwritten note from Drew annually.

Thank you for going above and beyond.  You are now a Director Supporter.  For your $ 50.00 monthly pledge (or equivalent donation), you will receive a monthly email from Drew updating you on what is happening at Arise and all the other rewards listed above.

Wow.  You are amazing.  For $75.00 a month (or equivalent donation), you are now a Director Sponsor.  Your monthly pledge will really impact our campus ministry.  To say thank you you will receive  a special audio podcast from a student in the ministry quarterly and all the other rewards listed above.  

For those who make a $100 a month pledge (or equivalent donation) and really want to support Drew at Arise, we want to recognize our Director Partners.  You are making a real difference in our ministry and help offsetting the money that goes to the campus ministry.  You will receive all the above rewards and also be Drew's guest to a GMU basketball game of your choice.  Thank you so much for your support of campus ministry at GMU!